XR2280x Series Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Compound Devices

XR2280x Series Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Compound Devices

Exar Corporation's XR2280x is a family of Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compound devices with an embedded hub and up to seven downstream USB functions: 10/100 Ethernet controller, up to 4 UARTs, multi-master capable of I²C controller, and an enhanced dedicated GPIO controller.

The upstream USB interface has an integrated USB 2.0 PHY and device controller that is compliant with both hi-speed (480 Mbps) and full-speed (12 Mbps) USB 2.0. The Ethernet controller has an integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY and is compliant with IEEE 802.3. The Ethernet controller supports autonegotiation, auto-MDIX, checksum offload, auto-polarity correction in 10Base-T, and remote wake-up capabilities.

The enhanced UART has a maximum data rate of 15 Mbps. Using a fractional baud rate generator, any baud rate between 300 bps and 15 Mbps can be accurately generated. In addition, the UART has a large 1024 byte TX FIFO and RX FIFO to optimize the overall data throughput for various applications.

  • Integrated USB 2.0 PHY
    • 480 Mbps USB hi-speed and 12 Mbps USB full-speed
    • USB suspend, resume, and remote wake-up operations
    • Compatible with USB CDC-ECM and CDC-ACM
  • I²C multi-master
    • Up to 400 kbps transfers
    • Multi-master capable
  • Enhanced dedicated GPIO entity (EDGE)
    • Parallel GPIO access
    • Two PWM generators
  • Enhanced UART features
    • Data rates up to 15 Mbps
    • Fractional baud rate generator
    • 1024 byte TX and RX FIFOs
    • Automatic hardware flow control
    • Automatic software flow control
    • Multi-drop (9-bit) mode
    • Auto RS-485 half-duplex control
  • Integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY
    • 10Base-T and 100Base-TX support
Target Applications
  • POS terminals
  • Docking stations for handheld devices
  • USB dongles
  • Port expanders for microcontrollers
  • Industrial controls
  • Medical diagnostics