Next-Gen Low-Voltage MOSFETs

Next-Gen Low-Voltage MOSFETs

Toshiba's next generation U-MOS IX-H realizes the low ON-resistance. The new MOSFETs also realize low Qoss, for increased efficiency in switching-mode power supplies used in base stations, servers or industrial equipment.

The first device in the series – a 40 V version – has a typical RDS(ON) of 0.7 mΩ (max 0.85 mΩ) and a typical output charge(Qoss) of 85.4 nC. Rated for 40 V, the TPHR8504PL is supplied in an ultra-miniature SOP-Advance package measuring just 5 mm x 6 mm, and also TPWR8004PL is available in Both-Sided Cooling package measuring 5 mm x 6 mm.

Better tradeoffs between output charge and RDS(ON) lead to increased efficiency. As a result, U-MOS IX-H series can help designers to reduce both power consumption and equipment size.

The UMOS IX-H series initially available in 40 V version, the family will be extended in the coming months with devices offering ratings of 30 V to 60 V. Please contact Digikey or Toshiba if you’d like to request any specific new voltages.

  • Low drain-source on-resistance
  • Low output charge (drain-source capacitance charge)
  • SOP Advance package (5 x 6 x 0.95 mm)
  • DSOP Advance package: both-sided cooling package (5 x 6 x 0.95 mm)
  • Power supply for servers and base stations
  • Efficient DC-DC converters
  • Switching regulators