ST-0503 Indicator/Buzzer

ST-0503 Indicator/Buzzer

Soberton’s ST-0503 is the smallest indicator/buzzer currently offered in their extensive audible offering. It offers a low-profile (3 mm) small-size transducer that is perfect for any tight space applications. Furthermore the SMD footprint is small which trims board space/size. Even though the transducer is miniature-size, it still offers a very audible 75 dB at 10 cm. This product is rated at 3 V with a frequency of 4 kHz.

  • 5 mm x 5 mm x 3 mm square package
  • 2 V to 5 V operating range
  • ST-0503-3 side firing model
  • -40°C to 85°C temp range
  • 100 mA max current
  • ST-0503 top firing model
  • Audible medical devices
  • Hand held meters and test equipment
  • Audible system check designs
  • Control panels/thermostats
  • Small consumer electronic devices
  • Anywhere sound is needed and space is a issue

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