By Texas Instruments 82


Texas Instruments' ADS8684 is a 4-channel, integrated data acquisition system based on a 16-bit successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC), operating at a throughput of 500 kSPS. The device features integrated analog front-end circuitry for each input channel with overvoltage protection up to ±20 V, a 4-channel multiplexer with automatic and manual scanning modes, and an on-chip, 4.096 V reference with low temperature drift. 

Operating on a single 5 V analog supply, each input channel on the device can support true bipolar input ranges of ±10.24, ±5.12, and ±2.56 V, as well as unipolar input ranges of 0 to 10.24 V and 0 to 5.12 V. The gain of the analog front-end for all input ranges is accurately trimmed to ensure a high dc precision. The input range selection is software-programmable and independent for each channel. The device offers a 1 MΩ constant resistive input impedance irrespective of the selected input range.

  • 16-bit ADC with integrated analog front-end
  • 4-channel MUX with auto and manual scan
  • Channel-independent programmable input ranges:
    • Bipolar: ±10.24, ±5.12, and ±2.56 V
    • Unipolar: 0 to 10.24 V and 0 to 5.12 V
  • 5 V analog supply: 1.65 to 5 V I/O supply
  • Constant resistive input impedance: 1 MΩ
  • Input overvoltage protection: up to ±20 V
  • On-chip, 4.096 V reference with low drift
  • SPI™-compatible interface with daisy-chain

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