FDC2x1x Capacitance-to-Digital Converters

FDC2x1x Capacitance-to-Digital Converters

Texas Instruments' FDC2x1x is a multi-channel family of noise- and EMI-resistant, high-resolution, high-speed capacitance-to-digital converters for implementing capacitive sensing solutions. The devices employ an innovative narrow-band based architecture to offer high rejection of noise and interferers while providing high resolution at high speed. The devices support a wide excitation frequency range, offering flexibility in system design. A wide frequency range is especially useful for reliable sensing of conductive liquids such as detergent, soap, and ink.

The FDC221x is optimized for high resolution, up to 28 bits, while the FDC211x offers fast sample rate, up to 13.3ksps, for easy implementation of applications that use fast moving targets. The very large maximum input capacitance of 250 nF allows for the use of remote sensors, as well as for tracking environmental changes over time, temperature and humidity.

The FDC2x1x family targets proximity sensing and liquid level sensing applications for any type of liquids. For non-conductive liquid level sensing applications in the presence of interferences such as human hands, the FDC1004 is recommended, which has integrated active shield drivers.

TI Design Link: Capacitive Frost or Ice Detection Reference Design, Resolution of <1mm, Temperature Drift <0.25%
TI Design Link: Proximity Sensing of up to 30CM Range with >15dB SNR and Robust Capacitive Touch Reference Design

  • EMI-resistant architecture
  • Maximum output rates (one active channel):
    • 13.3 ksps (FDC2112, FDC2114)
    • 4.08 ksps (FDC2212, FDC2214)
  • Maximum input capacitance: 250 nF (at 10 kHz with 1 mH inductor)
  • Sensor excitation frequency: 10 kHz to 10 MHz
  • Number of channels: 2, 4
  • Resolution: up to 28 bits
  • System noise floor: 0.3 fF at 100 sps
  • Supply voltage: 2.7 V to 3.6 V
  • Power consumption: Active: 2.1 mA
  • Low-power sleep mode: 35 µA
  • Shutdown: 200 nA
  • Interface: I2C
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 125°C