MTi-1 Series 3D Module

MTi-1 Series 3D Module

Xsens' MTi-1 series is a module outputting 3D orientation, 3D rate-of-turn, 3D accelerations, and 3D magnetic field depending on the product configuration. It is available as an inertial measurement unit (IMU), vertical reference unit (VRU), or attitude and heading reference system (AHRS). This fully-functional, self-contained module is easy to design-in with limited hardware components to be added. The fully documented, industry-standard communication protocol allows for customization of the data message in terms of data, frequency, and output format. Signals are fully processed onboard, requiring very little resources from the host, and are very well-suited for applications in simple MCU-operated environments. The host can read-out the data over SPI, I2C, or UART.

With a roll/pitch accuracy of 1.0° RMS and yaw accuracy of 2° RMS under dynamic conditions, the output is excellent for control and stabilization of any object and navigation of, for example, unmanned vehicles.

Xsens MTi-1 Series Datasheet
Xsens MTi-1 Series DK User Manual

  • Full-featured AHRS on 12.1 mm x 12.1 mm module
  • Roll/pitch accuracy 1.0°
  • Heading accuracy 2.0°
  • Minimal requirements on host processor
  • Uniform interface over product lifetime
  • Low power; minimal processor load
  • No hardware/software interface changes, no EOL
  • Industry-leading signal processing pipeline (AttitudeEngine™) with vibration-rejection
  • Robust and accurate orientation algorithm (XKF3TM)
  • Drivers and examples on mbed™
  • Miniature aerial vehicles
  • Heavy machinery/agriculture
  • Robotics
  • VR/AR, HMD's, and handheld devices

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