ZNEO32! 32-Bit Microcontroller Family

By Zilog 102

ZNEO32! 32-Bit Microcontroller Family

Zilog/Littelfuse's ZNEO32! Cortex-M3 microcontrollers are special-purpose MCUs for first class motor applications that offer cost effective, high performance, 32-bit computing capabilities. This family of MCUs provides three-phase PWM generator units which are suitable for inverter motor drive systems. Most of the MCUs within the ZNEO32! family offer two built-in channels for the generators to control two individual inverter motors simultaneously. They have up to three 12-bit high-speed ADC units with 16-channel analog multiplexed inputs to gather information from the motor; additionally, some of these MCUs include both operational amplifiers and comparators. The ZNEO32! family of products includes MCUs that are well suited for a variety of applications that require highly deterministic real-time applications, automotive systems, industrial control systems, wireless networking and sensors, and low power applications.

  • High performance, low power Cortex-M3 Core, operating at up to 80 MHz
  • Up to 384 KB Flash memory options
  • Up to 16 KB SRAM options
  • Up to two 3-phase motor PWM with ADC triggering function
  • Up to three 16-channel 1.5 MSPS high-speed ADC with burst conversion function
  • 20 MHz precision internal oscillator clock
  • Six general purpose timers with quadrature encoder counter
  • External communication ports: as many as 4 UARTs, 2 I2Cs, and 2 SPIs
  • Package options include LQFP-32, LQFP-48, LQFP-64, LQFP-80, and LQFP-100