bq28z610 Battery Fuel Gauge

bq28z610 Battery Fuel Gauge

The Texas Instruments bq28z610 device is a highly integrated, accurate, 1- to 2-series cell gas gauge and protection solution, enabling autonomous charger control and cell balancing. The bq28z610 device enables autonomous charge control through master mode I2C broadcasts of charging current and voltage information, eliminating software overhead that is typically incurred by the system’s host controller.

The bq28z610 device provides a fully integrated pack-based solution with a Flash programmable custom reduced instruction-set CPU (RISC), safety protection, and authentication for 1- to 2-series cell Li-ion and Li-polymer battery packs.

  • Autonomous battery charging control using dedicated master mode I2C interface
  • Cell balancing with internal bypass to optimize battery health
  • High-side protection N-CH FET drive allows serial bus communication during fault conditions
  • Programmable protection levels for voltage, current, and temperature
  • Supports down to 1 mΩ current sense resistor while capable of 1 mA current measurement
  • Supports battery trip point (BTP) function for Windows integration
  • Analog front end with two independent ADCs
    • Support for simultaneous current and voltage sampling
    • High-accuracy Coulomb counter with input offset error < 1 µV (typical)
  • SHA-1 authentication responder for increased battery pack security
  • 400 kHz I2C bus communications interface for high-speed programming and data access

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