ISL2853x/63x Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amp

By Renesas 218

ISL2853x/63x Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amp

Intersil's ISL28533, ISL28534, ISL28535, ISL28633, ISL28634, and ISL28635 are 5 V, zero-drift, rail-to-rail input/output programmable gain instrumentation amplifiers (PGIA). These instrumentation amplifiers feature low offset, low noise, low gain error, and high CMRR. They are ideal for high-precision applications over the wide industrial temperature range.

These instrumentation amplifiers are designed with a unique 2-bit, 3-state logic interface that allows up to nine selectable gain settings. The ISL2853x, single-ended output includes an additional uncommitted, zero-drift amplifier, useful to buffer the REF input or use as a precision amplifier. The ISL2863x differential output amplifier includes a reference pin to set the common-mode output voltage to interface with differential input ADCs.

ISL2853xEV2Z, ISL2863xEV2Z Evaluation Boards User Guide

  • Ultra-high precision, front-end amplifier
  • Zero-drift instrumentation amplifier
  • Pin selectable nine gain settings: G = 1 to 1,000
  • Rail-to-rail input/output
  • Single-ended output (ISL28533, ISL28534, and ISL28535)
  • Differential output (ISL28633, ISL28634, and ISL28635)
  • RFI filtered inputs improve EMI rejection
  • Input voltage noise (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz): 0.4 μVP-P
  • Single supply: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
  • Dual supply: ±1.25 V to ±2.75 V
  • Low input offset: 5 μV, max
  • Low input offset drift: 50 nV/°C, max
  • High CMRR: 138 dB, G = 100
  • Low gain error: < 0.4%, all gains, max
  • Gain bandwidth: 2.3 MHz
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
  • Pressure and strain gauge transducers
  • Weight scales
  • Flow sensors
  • Biometric: ECG and blood glucose
  • Temperature sensors
  • Test and measurement
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Low ohmic current sense