CYALKIT-E02 Reference Design Kit (RDK)

CYALKIT-E02 Reference Design Kit (RDK)

Cypress' CYALKIT-E02 solar-powered BLE sensor beacon reference design kit (RDK) was created to help design tiny solar-powered IoT devices with BLE wireless connectivity. The RDK comes with a solar BLE sensor as well as a BLE-USB bridge and debug board. The solar BLE sensor is based on Cypress’ energy harvesting power management IC (PMIC) S6AE103A and EZ-BLE™ PRoC™ module (CYBLE-022001-00). The sensor is designed to harvest energy from the sun or indoor lights and operate without a battery. The BLE-USB bridge and debug board can be connected to a host (PC) that receives sensor data transmitted by the solar BLE sensor. The BLE-USB bridge and debug board also helps with on-chip debugging for the solar BLE sensor via an easy-to-use USB interface. This tiny RDK is a fully loaded connectivity solution that is compact, battery-free, and BLE-ready.

Tiny Solar BLE Sensor

The solar BLE sensor transmits temperature and humidity data using the BLE broadcasting mode. The Solar BLE sensor is ultra-low power and works with just solar energy.

Cypress® BLE-Beacon™

The Cypress BLE-beacon app works across iOS, Android, and PCs. The app is designed to receive and visualize beacon signals or sensor data that is transmitted by the solar BLE sensor. The app displays real-time data as 2D/3D graphs. The logging data can be exported to CSV file for offline access.

  • Solar BLE sensor
    • Tiny, thin design: 25 mm diameter x 5.5 mm (enclosure size)
    • Operates at minimum 100 lux
    • Transmits temperature and humidity sensor data
    • Up to 30-hours operation without ambient light via the fully charged super capacitor (0.2 F)
    • Mounted energy harvesting PMIC S6AE103A and EZ-BLE PRoC module, temperature and humidity sensor, 15 mm x 15 mm solar cell
  • BLE-USB bridge and debug board
    • Easy-to-use BLE data receiver and on-chip debugging for the solar BLE sensor
    • LEDs for users, status, and USB power
  • Cypress BLE-Beacon app
    • Free software application
    • Supported iOS, Android devices, and PCs
    • 2D/3D graph visualization for sensor data
Kit Components
  • Solar-powered BLE sensor beacon
  • BLE-USB bridge and debug board
  • Enclosure for solar-powered BLE sensor
  • Quick start guide

CYALKIT-E03 is an expansion kit if additional Solar BLE sensors (5) are needed.