IoT Sandbox

IoT Sandbox

The Renesas IoT Sandbox allows developers to rapidly build IoT applications using cloud services and real-time workflows. All of the functions needed for development are included, from connecting to the cloud and processing any device data to IoT centric libraries with analytics functions for predicting trends and detecting anomalies. Renesas IoT Sandbox aggregates all event data from any source, whether its sensors, mobile apps, or an existing cloud, and performs real-time processing to extract intelligence or implement automation. All data is handled in a secure environment with robust multi-layered security features. With Renesas IoT Sandbox, developers can focus on their application logic while the Sandbox quickly extracts intelligent insights to power their applications.

The Renesas Synergy™ SK-S7G2 starter kit is an extremely low-cost way to access the entire Synergy Platform, enabling full development using the vast majority of all Synergy Software Package (SSP) functions. Now this kit can be extended to include cloud connectivity with the Renesas IoT Sandbox Cloud Agent, included in this Connected Weather Demo.

The Synergy S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping kit provides a useful platform for developing IoT applications on the S3A7 MCU Board. The purpose of the kit is to enable the user to easily evaluate the capabilities of the board and its peripherals by providing a simple platform to get an IoT demo up and running quickly. By leveraging the GT202 Wi-Fi module, the Synergy S3A7 kit is ideal for node and sensor-based IoT solutions requiring Wi-Fi. A pre-programmed Smart Chef IoT demo is included with easy set-up and configuration using Renesas' IoT Sandbox powered by Medium One’s Cloud with Data Intelligence.

Connect to Renesas' API with Renesas' IoT Sandbox's Mobile App

Basics of the Renesas Synergy™ Platform

  • Enterprise-grade cloud
  • Real-time event visualization
  • Real-time data processing
  • Pre-built templates for workflows
  • Ultra-fast time to market for applications
  • Automated onboarding for development kits
  • No infrastructure to manage
  • No charge for use of the Renesas IoT Sandbox