Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 970

By 3M 146

Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 970

3M's electrically conductive adhesive transfer tape (ECATT) 9707 is a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) transfer tape with isotropic electrical conductivity. The PSA matrix is filled with conductive fillers that allow interconnection between substrates through the adhesive thickness (the "Z-axis") and also provides electrical conductivity in the plane of the adhesive ("X-Y axis").

3M ECATT 9707 and 9707K are ECATT products produced at different manufacturing locations. 3M ECATT 9707 and 9707K use similar base material types, however the ratios were adjusted slightly to achieve desired manufacturing specification performance results as determined by 3M test methods.

3M's ECATTs provide grounding and EMI shielding through the bond line thickness leading to improved product EMI shielding performance. The ECATT 9707 may provide EMI shielding in the bond line, but actual performance depends on the final design tape width.

  • Good XYZ electrical conductivity performance with good adhesion
  • Room temperature application and assembly
  • Inherent EMI shielding capability can enhance existing shielding solutions, offer new design options and improve Faraday cage designs
    • Provides an electrical connection and adhesively bonds EMI/RFI shields and gaskets to metal frames and enclosures
  • Low contact resistance and tape construction for good EMI performance
  • Can be applied as die cut parts or in roll form
  • Can offer lower contact resistance to hard surfaces or surfaces with oxide layers, such as to stainless steel as compared to 3M ECATT 9709

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