SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 SensorTag

SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 SensorTag

Texas Instruments' SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 SensorTag development kit is one of the quickest and easiest ways to connect sensors directly to the Cloud.

The Wi-Fi SensorTag kit is based on the low-power SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 wireless MCU, the industry’s first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ single-chip microcontroller unit (MCU) with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows the SensorTag kit to be battery powered from AAA batteries.

The Wi-Fi SensorTag kit includes nine low-power MEMS sensors. In addition, it can be expanded with the Watch DevPack for applications requiring displays and expanded with USB power with the Debug DevPack.

Connect directly to the Cloud with Wi-Fi and get sensor data online in just a few minutes. The SensorTag kit configures the Wi-Fi connection out-of-the-box with the SensorTag iOS and Android™ app. No programming experience is required to get started.

  • Connect sensors directly to the Cloud with Wi-Fi
  • Cloud connectivity allows for access and control of the SensorTag from anywhere
  • Get connected quickly; set up and connect in 3 minutes
  • Upgrade the SensorTag firmware over-the-air from the SensorTag smartphone app
Kit Includes
  • SensorTag
  • Quick start guide