DM990012 Secure IoT1702 Demo Board

DM990012 Secure IoT1702 Demo Board

The DM990012 SecureIoT demo board from Microchip Technology uses the full-featured CEC1702 ARM® Cortex®-M4-based microcontroller with a complete hardware cryptography-enabled solution in a single package. This board is intended as a development, demonstration, and testing platform for Internet of Things applications using the CEC1702 device.  The DM990012 board features a variety of hardware options (including a power supply, user interface, serial communications, and expansion headers) that enable rapid prototyping and development of embedded, secure Internet of Things applications This low-power but powerful, programmable 32-bit microcontroller offers easy-to-use encryption, authentication, private and public key capabilities, and allows customer programming flexibility to minimize customer risk. The CEC1702 also provides significant performance improvements when compared to firmware-based solutions. The device’s hardware cryptographic cipher suite reduces compute time by orders of magnitude over software solutions, and, as an example, provides 20x to 50x performance improvement for PKE acceleration as well as 100x improvement for encryption/decryption. This robust hardware-based feature set results in applications that can run security measures quickly, effectively and with significantly lower cost and power consumption.

The SecureIoT1702 demo board is a small form factor evaluation board that can be used for development, evaluation, and demos. The SecureIoT1702 demo board is designed to utilize the processing and the hardware capabilities of the CEC1702 cryptography enabled ARM Cortex-M4-based microcontroller. CEC1702 secure boot provides a HW-based root of trust in IoT applications.  Secure boot allows equipment manufactures to establish a hardware-based root of trust. This is a critical feature for customers concerned about authenticating system-critical commands such as power plants or online server databases. It is also vital for customers that want to protect their brand and revenue stream from the adverse effects of a security breach.

Features Package Contents
  • CEC1702 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 controller with integrated crypto
  • Compact, high-contrast, serial graphic LCD display module with back-light
  • 2x4 matrix of push buttons inputs
  • USB-UART converter as debug interface
  • Potentiometer to ADC channel
  • Serial quad I/O (SQI) Flash
  • OTP programmability in CEC1702
  • Two expansion headers compatible with MikroElektronika mikroBUS™ expansion interface
  • SecureIoT1702 board
  • DS50002617A - Doc, info sheet
  • DS30000030 - Doc, warranty/registration
  • DS30000210 - Doc, important information

User Guide

  • SecureIoT1702 Development Board User's Guide