ESD protection for 10 Gbps-ready devices

ESD protection for 10 Gbps-ready devices

The first single- and multi-line devices from Nexperia's TrEOS protection family deliver benchmark performance in all three key parameters: capacitance, clamping voltage, and surge robustness. The devices provide the perfect solution to safeguard high-speed interfaces up to 10 Gbps and support high-density designs.

The multi-line devices PUSB3FR4, PUSB3FR6 and PUSB3AB6 utilize a deep snapback (for PUSB3FRx 1.5 V typ at II = 1 A; TLP 100/10 ns) combined with a dynamic resistance of only 0.27 Ω for outstanding system protection. The devices are housed in the small leadless DFN2510A-10 (SOT1176-1) and DFN2111-7 (SOT1358-1) plastic packages that are designed for pass-through routing which optimizes signal integrity and simplifies board layout.

The single-line devices include bi-directional (PESD5V0R1BSF, PESD5V0H1BSF, PESD5V0C1BSF) and uni-directional (PESD5V0C1USF) types. These four protection devices come in the very small 0201 form factor (DSN0603-2) especially well-suited for space-constrained applications such as smartphones, tablets and other portable application.

Features and Benefits
  • Benchmark performance in all key parameters
    • Ultra low capacitance down to 0.10 pF (typ.), fully supporting SuperSpeed USB at 10 Gbps
    • Ultra low dynamic resistance: down to 0.18 Ω (typ.) and deep snap-back technology for extremely low clamping voltages safeguarding sensitive SoCs
    • High ESD robustness up to 20 kV contact discharge, exceeding IEC 61000-4-2, level 4 and high surge robustness up to 9 A (8/20 μs pulse IEC61000-4-5)
  • Ultra high-speed datalines up to USB3.1 at 10 Gbps and HDMI2.0
  • Interface lines with very sensitive I/Os
  • Generic ESD protection across the board

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