HAR 37xy Family Sensors

HAR 37xy Family Sensors

Micronas' HAR 37xy is the dual-die version of their successful HAL 37xy family and is available in the same SOIC8 package as the HAL 37xy. Each sensor provides true redundancy as it consists of two independent dies stacked in a single package. The stacked-die architecture ensures that both dies sense the same magnetic field position, thus generating synchronous measurement outputs.

The sensors include two vertical and one horizontal Hall plate with spinning current offset compensation for the detection of X, Y, or Z magnetic field components, a signal processor for calculation and signal conditioning of two magnetic field components, protection devices, and a ratiometric linear analog, PWM, or SENT output. This enables a set of potential applications for position detection, such as wide distance, angle, or through-shaft angular measurements. The sensor exhibits excellent drift performance over the specified temperature range resulting in a new class of accuracy for angular or linear measurements.

Video - HAR 37xy Dual-Die Programmable 2D Position Sensor Family

Micronas HAR 37xy Introduction Chart

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