OPA837 Voltage-Feedback Operational Amplifiers

OPA837 Voltage-Feedback Operational Amplifiers

Texas Instruments' OPA837 device is a unity-gain stable, voltage-feedback op amp that provides among the highest MHz per mW of bandwidth versus power among precision op amps. Using only 600 µA on a single 5 V supply, this 3.0 mW device delivers 105 MHz bandwidth at a gain of 1 V/V. The very low trimmed offset voltage of ±130 µV (maximum) comes with a typical (±1σ) drift of ±0.4 µV/°C.

Ideally suited to single-ended, successive-approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital-converter (ADC) driving applications, the OPA837 provides one of the lowest input spot noise levels at 4.7 nV/√Hz for the 3 mW quiescent power. The very high 50 MHz gain bandwidth product provides the low output impedance to high frequencies required to supply the fast charging currents in SAR ADC driver applications. This low dynamic output impedance is also suitable for reference buffer applications with precision ADCs. The single-channel OPA837 is available in a 6-pin SOT-23 package (that includes a power shutdown feature) and a 5-pin SC70 package.

The OPA837 is characterized for operation over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

  • Bandwidth: 105 MHz (AV = 1 V/V)
  • Very low (trimmed) supply current: 600 µA
  • Gain bandwidth product: 50 MHz
  • Slew rate: 105 V/µs
  • Negative rail input, rail-to-rail output
  • 25°C input offset: ±130 µV (max.)
  • Input offset voltage drift (DCK package): <±1.6 µV/°C (max.)
  • Input voltage noise: 4.7 nV/√Hz (>100 Hz)
  • HD2: -120 dBc at 2 VPP, 100 kHz
  • HD3: -145 dBc at 2 VPP, 100 kHz
  • Settling time: 35 ns, 0.5 V step to 0.1%
  • 5 µA shutdown current with fast recovery from shutdown for power scaling applications
  • 12-bit to 16-bit, low-power SAR drivers
  • Precision ADC reference buffers
  • Very low-power active filters
  • Low-power transimpedance amplifiers
  • Sensor signal conditioning
  • Wearable devices
  • Low-side current sensing

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