Si828x ISOdriver Gate Drivers

Si828x ISOdriver Gate Drivers

Silicon Labs' Si828x ISOdriver portfolio is a family of 4 amp isolated gate drivers designed to protect insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) switches in power inverter and motor drive applications with features such as desaturation detection and secondary side power-on indication that are essential for IGBT drive applications.

The Si828x ISOdriver family provides industrial-grade isolation, optional integrated DC-DC converter, fast desaturation detection, superior timing characteristics, and exceptional noise and transient immunity.

The defining Si828x feature is a 4 amp gate driver coupled with desaturation detection to monitor the IGBT for overcurrent, in that event the Si828x driver initiates a controlled shutdown of the switch while updating the controller with the fault status, thus protecting the IGBT and the system. Additional integrated features include split outputs, a Miller clamp to prevent parasitic gate turn-on, and driver power state and fault feedback to the controller.

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Application notes:

  • AN1009: Driving MOSFET and IGBT Switches Using the Si828x
  • AN973: Design Guide for Si8281/83 Isolated DC-DC with Internal Switch
  • AN486: High-Side Bootstrap Design Using ISODrivers in Power Delivery Systems
Features Diagram
  • Industrial-grade isolation: high transient immunity, high reliability, 5 kVRMS withstand
  • Most comprehensive feature integration in the isolated gate driver market
  • Optional integrated DC-DC converter simplifying board layout and driver supply design
  • Industry's fastest desaturation detection: up to 10x faster than competitive alternatives
  • Fastest, most accurate timing specs with low propagation delay (<55 ns): up to 10x better than optocoupler solutions and up to 2x better than competing CMOS solutions
  • Long lifetimes under high-voltage conditions (100 years at 1000 V)
  • Motor control
  • Power inverters