Schottky Rectifiers in Clip-Bonded FlatPower (CFP)

Schottky Rectifiers in Clip-Bonded FlatPower (CFP)

Ideal for automotive, industrial, consumer, and computing applications, Nexperia's Schottky rectifier portfolio in CFP meets the challenging demands of efficient and space-saving designs. Available in three product groups and three package types, the portfolio ensures the best fit for customers' power circuitry in all low power consumption applications.

CFP packages with high power capabilities offer a true alternative to SMA, with better thermal performance. The small, thin, and light design is weight and space-saving, offering improved power density and a future-proof design.


  • Supporting leaflet: Schottky rectifiers in CFP; Small on size – big on power
  • VR max: 20 V to 100 V; IF max: 1 A to 15 A
  • Very low forward voltage drop and low leakage for highest efficiency
  • Junction temperature up to +175°C
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Solid copper clip for high thermal performance and power dissipation
  • Replacements for previous-generation SMx-packaged devices
  • Package and portfolio extensions planned
  • Secure supply in high volumes
  • Reduced package inductance for improved switching behavior
  • Innovative silicon and reduced package resistance for better electrical performance
  • Chargers and battery-powered equipment
  • Electric vehicles
  • High-temperature automotive applications (e.g., transmission, engine control units)
  • LED vehicle lighting
  • LED backlighting in displays
  • Powertrain systems in hybrid vehicles