U200 and U250 Accelerator Cards

By Xilinx Inc 240

U200 and U250 Accelerator Cards

U200 and U250 accelerator cards from Xilinx are PCIe Gen3x16 compatible. These cards support up to 64 GB of off-chip memory and 100GbE network interface. XBB U200 and U250 are based on Virtex 16 nm UltraScale™ architecture capable of 18.6 to 33.3 Tera Operations Per second (TOPs) INT8 (8-bit Integer operations) peak.


  • High performance fast/low latency, such as speech recognition
  • Adaptable reconfigurable acceleration; offering changing algorithms to optimize for any workload
  • Deployable in the cloud or onpremise; AWS, Hwawei, and Nimbix accessible
  • 2x QSFP28 (100GbE) network interface
  • PCIe Gen3x16
  • 892K to 1341K LUTs
  • INT8 TOPs (peak) 18.6 to 33.3
  • 225 W maximum total power
  • Passive or active cooling
Current Complete Server Interoperability
  • Dell R730
  • Dell R740
  • SuperMicro SYS-4028GR-TR
  • SuperMicro SYS-4029GP-TRT
  • SuperMicro SYS-7049GP-TRT
  • HPE ProLiant DL380 G10