MP5032 USB Port Controller

By Monolithic Power Systems 203

MP5032 USB Port Controller

The MP5032 from MPS integrates a USB current-limit switch and charging port identification circuit. The MP5032 achieves 3 A of continuous output current over a wide input supply range. The output of the USB switch is current-limit programmable and supports DCP schemes for battery charging specification (BC1.2), divider mode, 1.2 V / 1.2 V mode, and quick charge specification (QC 3.0) without the need for external user interaction. The MP5032 provides linear line drop compensation including full protection features hiccup current limiting, input over-voltage protection (OVP), and thermal shutdown. The MP5032 requires a minimal number of readily available, standard, external components to complete the USB switch and charging mode auto-detection solution and is available in an 8-pin TSOT23 package.

  • Available in a TSOT23-8 package
  • -40°C to 125°C operating temperature range
  • 32 mΩ low RDS(ON) power MOSFET
  • Line drop compensation for 5 V output
  • Intelligent input over-voltage shutdown
  • Wide 3.6 V to 14 V operating input voltage range
  • Input discharge during high voltage to low voltage change
  • Compatible with buck and boost converters
  • Integrated current limit switch with programmable high accuracy current limit
  • Supports QC 3.0 (3.6 V to 12 VOUT) and DCP Schemes for BC1.2, divider mode, and 1.2 V / 1.2 V mode
  • USB power supplies
  • Power banks
  • Automotive cigarette lighter adapters

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