PSoC® 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit

PSoC® 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit

Cypress Semiconductor's PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT prototyping kit is a low-cost hardware development platform enabling design with the PSoC 6 MCU as well as Cypress' industry-leading Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity via an on-board module based on the CYW4343W combo chipset. This prototyping kit also provides a snap-away form factor to allow developers to freely and independently use the different peripherals of the kit to design and prototype innovative IoT applications.

  • The ultra-low-power PSoC 62 MCU that integrates an Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex-M0+ onto a single chip and provides up to 2 MB of Flash and 1 MB of SRAM
  • The Murata 1DX Module hosting the Cypress CYW4343W 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi + Dual-Mode Bluetooth 4.1 combo chipset radio
  • PSoC 5LP MCU for program/debug
  • Cypress' CapSense® capacitive touch sensing enabled buttons and sliders
  • Cypress 512 Mb Quad-SPI NOR Flash device
  • MicroSD card slot
  • PDM microphone and thermistor
  • Digilent Pmod™ interface

ModusToolbox™ Software Suite

ModusToolbox provides support for design and development of the PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit. To find out more, please visit the ModusToolbox page.

Mbed SDK Support

The PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit is now supported in the Mbed OS. To find out more, please visit our team page on, and also PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit to find out more.

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