PTC Resettable Radial Leaded Fuse Line Expansion -

By Bel Fuse Inc 124

PTC Resettable Radial Leaded Fuse Line Expansion -

Bel Fuse boasts a unique polymer formulation to ensure long-life performance and unparalleled reliability, and it is expanding the radial lead footprint of product in the 0ZRx series to meet broader applications.

Bel Fuse's PPTC devices offer superior functional life performance due to a unique polymer formulation. Like their extensive line of traditional fuse products, Bel resettable fuses protect against harmful overcurrent surges and overtemperature faults by limiting the flow of dangerously high current during fault conditions. The PTC devices will reset after power to the circuit is removed, the fault is cleared, and power is reapplied to the circuit. This reset ability protects electronic equipment, which remains fully functional, and eliminates the need for service personnel to physically replace a fuse. It meets a broad array of applications for USB, lighting, medical equipment, and security systems.

Circuit Protection Focus Catalog

  • UL Recognized (E305051) - cURus
  • TUV Certified (R50105187) - (not 0ZRP)
  • Series are 30 VDC, 30/16 VDC, 60 VDC, and 60 VDC
  • 40 A maximum current rating for most
  • USB, lighting, ballasts, medical equipment, security systems, test equipment, and more