SPC572L 32-bit Power Architecture® MCU

By STMicroelectronics 111

SPC572L 32-bit Power Architecture® MCU

STMicroelectronics' SPC572L MCUs are based on the Power Architecture core designed for entry-line powertrain applications such as motorbikes and engine management systems (EMS) for 2-cylinder motors. They are particularly tailored to answer both the upcoming (2020/2023) environmental standard requirements and regulations for motorbikes.

SPC572L 32-bit MCUs combine enhanced features such as multiple signal conversion capabilities (knock detection, in-cylinder pressure signal preprocessing, etc.) and a powerful, fully configurable generic timer module (GTM) with a comprehensive peripheral set, including SENT and ethernet interfaces.

SPC572L 32-bit MCUs are available down to 80 pins in a high-density eQFP package (10 mm x 10 mm), specifically fitting engine control units (ECU) with footprint optimization requirements.

  • Fully configurable generic timer module (GTM)
  • Serial interfaces:
    • CAN
    • DSPI
    • LINFlex
    • Ethernet µs-bus channel
  • Small engine electronic fuel injection:
    • Mono/bi-cylinder motorbikes
    • 3-wheelers
    • Lawn mowers
    • Nautical outboard engines
    • Power generators