Split/Tran™ Class 2 Split Bobbin Transformers - ST

By Signal Transformer 151

Split/Tran™ Class 2 Split Bobbin Transformers - ST

Signal Transformer's Split/Tran transformers provide superior isolation and low capacitive coupling. This transformer is built to meet Class 2 safety circuit standards. Depending on which transformer in this series is chosen, it is certified to Inherently Limited (no fuse) or Non-Inherently Limited (fuse required). The Split bobbin-low power transformers feature a power rating of 1.1 VA to 36 VA and are available in a multitude of standard configurations.


  • Linear Transformer At-A-Glance
  • Split bobbin construction
  • Class 2 Inherently or Non-Inherently Limited (part specific)
  • UL 1446 Class B insulation
  • UL recognized to UL 506/UL 5085-1, -2
  • CSA certified to C22.2 #66.1
  • cCSAus certified to C22.2 #66.3
  • Power: 1.1 VA to 36 VA
  • Dielectric strength: 2500 VRMS (HiPot)
  • Primaries: single or dual (115 V or 115/230 V)
  • Secondaries: series or parallel options
  • 50/60Hz