JC10 Series and MC1003 Series Conductive Plastic P

By Nidec Copal Electronics 95

JC10 Series and MC1003 Series Conductive Plastic P

Nidec Copal Electronics JC10 series and MC1003 potentiometers use a conductive plastic substrate layered with a specialized resistive film and unique contact structure achieving long life and high resolution (essentially infinite). These potentiometers are designed for high accuracy position sensing making them suitable for applications involving automated assembly equipment, drafting machines, robotic arms, and industrial scales.

  • Compact: φ10 mm
  • High resolution (essentially infinite)
  • JC10 single turn
  • MC1003 3 turns
  • Long life
  • High linearity
  • Nominal resistance value: 5 kΩ and 10 kΩ
  • Effective electrical angle and turns:
    • 324 degrees and single turn (JC10)
    • 1080 degrees and 3 turns (MC1003)
  • Rotational life:
    • 5 million cycles (JC10)
    • 1 million cycles (MC1003)