QSFP DD Connectors

By Amphenol Commercial Products 186

QSFP DD Connectors

Amphenol ICC's QSFP DD interconnect system is comprised of a 76-position, 0.8 mm pitch connector built for use in high-speed serial applications. Each port supports up to 400 Gb/s in aggregate over an 8 Gb/s x 50 Gb/s electrical interface. The cage and connector design provide backward compatibility to QSFP28 modules which can be inserted into a QSFP DD port and connected to four of the eight electrical channels. It is one of the industry's leading multi-lane pluggable form factors used across Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand. The electrical interface employs eight lanes that operate up to 25 Gb/s NRZ modulation or 56 Gb/s PAM4 modulation, providing solutions up to 400 Gb/s aggregate bandwidth.


  • QSFP DD Connectors
  • Enables up to 14.4 Tb/s aggregate bandwidth in a single switch slot
  • Backward mating compatible with QSFP
  • Supports passive copper and optical solutions
  • Supports 56 Gb/s PAM4 data rate
  • A single switch slot can have 36 ports QSFP-DD
  • Backward compatible with QSFP
  • Support copper and optical cables