588 Thermal Bonding Film

By 3M 143

588 Thermal Bonding Film

3M 588 thermal bonding film is a high strength, flexible, nitrile phenolic based thermosetting adhesive film. It can be heat or solvent activated for bonding. It can also be lightly crosslinked using a post heat exposure. The 588 film is a thicker version of the 583 thermal bonding film. This hot melt film adhesive can be used for splicing of glass fabric during PCB board manufacturing. The 588 film can be solvent activated in the uncured form and is a heat curing film.

Proper application equipment can enhance bonding film performance. The type of application equipment used to bond 588 series thermal bonding film will depend on the application involved and on the type of equipment available to the user. Thin films and flexible substrates can be bonded using a heated roll laminator where heat and pressure can be varied to suit the application. Larger, thicker substrates can be bonded using a heated static press or an autoclave. For applications where a shaped adhesive is to be transferred to a flat or three-dimensional part, a hot shoe or thermode method may be appropriate. It is recommended that whatever method of bonding is chosen by the user, the optimum bonding conditions should be predetermined with substrates specific to the user’s application.

3M’s 588 thermal bonding film must be stored at or below 4°C (40°F) for maximum storage life.

  • Flexible
  • Heat crosslinkable option
  • Heat or solvent activation
  • Can be die-cut