EX-Z Series Ultra-Minute Photoelectric Sensors

By Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales 118

EX-Z Series Ultra-Minute Photoelectric Sensors

At only 3 mm, Panasonic's incredibly thin EX-Z sensors are an ideal solution, over conventional fiber sensor heads, for tight-fitting applications. The EX-Z sensors are offered in two configurations: front sensing and side sensing, with the latter best suited for use in the narrowest of spaces. Despite the extremely small size, these robust sensors can sense an object as small as 0.3 mm without the need for an optional slit mask and both configurations can sense a 1.0 mm object from as far as 500 mm. The EX-Z series sensors are IP67 rated making them suitable for applications susceptible to splashing and a host of others, such as the detection of parts in a parts feeder, the detection of the presence or absence of a test tube tray, and the detection of LED leads.

  • 50 mm to 500 mm sensing distance
  • Front or side sensing
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Capable of sensing 0.3 mm object
  • High brightness four element red LED
  • Full line of mounting accessories