LEA Series Connector

By JST Sales America Inc 113

LEA Series Connector

JST's LEA series wire-to-board, crimp style disconnectable connectors provide optimum performance and subminiature size for low current, low voltage conditions required by LED light bars. A super compact, low profile connector, the LEA has a 1.8 mm (0.071") pitch. With a mated side entry height of only 3.0 mm (0.118"), its low profile prevents interference with the luminescence angle of the PCB mounted LEDs. These highly reliable, side entry SMT connectors are polarized and incorporate positive locking features including an audible click to prevent accidental disconnection.

Molded in a RoHS compliant 94V0 9T Nylon (SMT headers) resin, the LEA series is available in a 2 circuit size. They are rated at 3.0 A AC/DC (using 22 or 24 AWG) at 300 VAC. Wire sizes AWG #22 to #30 are accommodated. The temperature range is -55°C to +105°C (including temperature rise in applying electrical current). The crimp contact housings are molded of a UL94V-0 rated, glass filled PBT resin. The housing is notched on one side for ease of locating the pin1 position. Contacts are made of a tin-plated, copper alloy base material. Copper alloy, tin-plated reinforcement tabs offer strength and stability to the mounted headers. Dual-terminated JST Jumper wire assemblies also available in standard 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch lengths.