CMX994x RF Direct Conversion Receivers

By CML Microcircuits 137

CMX994x RF Direct Conversion Receivers

CML Microcircuits' CMX994x direct conversion receivers feature PowerTrade™ which provides the ability to dynamically select power versus performance to suit different system requirements. The devices convert RF signals in a 100 MHz to 1,000 MHz range directly down to the I/Q baseband or low IF. The low power consumption makes the receivers an ideal choice for battery-operated and portable applications. The CMX994A receiver is the standard version with low-power modes and the CMX994E receiver is an enhanced version with improved inter-modulation performance modes.

The CMX994x devices offer exceptional blocking performance to reject strong off-channel signals with measured values greater than 100 dB. The devices include an LNA with gain control followed by a high dynamic range, high-linearity (IIP2 ~79 dBm) I/Q demodulator with baseband filtering and gain control.

  • Frequency range: 50 MHz to 1.218 GHz
  • I/Q bandwidth: up to 1.6 MHz
  • Ultra-high mixer IIP2 for practical zero-IF receivers
  • Programmable gain: up to 62 dB
  • LNA with gain control
  • DC offset correction
  • Precise baseband filtering with 1:2:4 bandwidth select control
  • SPI compatible C-BUS serial interface
  • Low power: 33 mA to 74 mA at 3.3 V
  • 40-pin 6 mm x 6 mm VQFN package
  • Public safety: TETRA and P25
  • Software-defined radios (SDR)
  • Avionics receivers
  • Wireless data modems
  • Marine radios
  • Military/tactical