Low-Profile LTE SMT Antennas

By Molex Inc 102

Low-Profile LTE SMT Antennas

Molex's low-profile ceramic cellular antennas offer compact, lightweight advantages and easy installation in a broad range of wireless data and industrial applications. Designed to support pick-and-place installation, Molex offers multiple SMT antennas that cover a wide range of frequency bands used in cellular wireless data applications, including full LTE frequencies.

Meeting design requirements of high radiation efficiency and gain with maximum PCB real estate savings poses challenges for consumer device manufacturers. Molex's LTE antennas meet all the design requirements of high radiation efficiency with high peak gain while providing maximum PCB real estate savings.

  • Automotive
    • Asset tracking devices
    • Infotainment systems
  • Consumer
    • Mobile gaming devices
    • Personal navigation devices
    • Wireless internet TV and audio
  • Smartphones and mobile devices
  • Telecommunications/networking
    • Infrastructure
    • Networking equipment
  • Industrial
    • Alarm and monitoring equipment
    • Home energy displays
    • Payment devices
    • Remote sensing
    • Remote sensors
    • Smart grid concentrators
    • Smart meters
    • Vending machines