LP35 Encoders

By Sensata Technologies – BEI Sensors 89

LP35 Encoders

Sensata – BEI Sensors' LP35 is a low-profile magnetic encoder designed for measuring precise rotary measurements in rugged, dirty industrial applications. It combines the compactness of a low-profile design while retaining the robustness of magnetic encoder technology. It offers a form factor that is identical to optical encoders allowing easy retrofitting. Due to its magnetic technology, it offers shock and vibration tolerance that is ten times its optical counterpart's. Its 26 mm profile allows it to fit into tight applications while its potted electronics make it less prone to seal failure. Lastly, Sensata offers a blank programmable version of the LP35 which allows it to be programmed on the fly on the factory floor.

  • Low-profile package saves space
  • Excellent resistance to shock and vibration
  • 30 mm standard through shaft, PEEK reduction hub available
  • High protection level of IP66
  • High performance in temperatures from -40°C to +100°C
  • Resolutions up to 10,000 PPR, incremental or 16 bits absolute
  • Terminal box, M12, or cable output terminations
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • TTL and HTL electronics
  • Reinforced electrical output available on some incremental and absolute models
  • Wiring fault tolerant with terminal box connection
  • Long cable drive capability
  • Light rail
  • Forestry equipment
  • Factory automation
  • Video: Sensata University | LP35 101