AP43770 High-Performance Protocol Decoder Supporti

By Diodes Incorporated 108

AP43770 High-Performance Protocol Decoder Supporti

Diodes’ AP43770 is a USB Type-C power delivery PD3.0 PPS decoder dedicated to power source applications with legacy capability. It is compliant with USB Type-C specification rev1.2 and USB power delivery (PD) specification Rev 3.0 V1.1 (USB PD 3.0 PPS silicon compliance certification: TID – 1090017). It also passed QC4/4+ compliance certification by GRL (report number QC2019041564). AP43770 supports PPS APDO with 20 mV/step resolution and 50 mA/step current resolution for optimal battery thermal management. In addition, cable loss compensation and SOP command for e-marker detection are supported. AP43770 has 45 W and 65 W reference designs for USB PD 3.0 based on AP3108L (PWM controller) and APR346 (synchronous rectifier controller). Power brick certification TID – 605 for 65 W design. The AP43770 is available in the TSSOP-16 package.

  • 8 KB OTP memory integrated
  • Programmable for configuration and ID code
  • Constant current mode provides good protection for charger applications
  • Supports e-marker cable detection with built-in VCONN switch and overcurrent protection (OCP)
  • Built-in CC/CV
  • Supports Type-C cable authentication
  • Built-in cable compensation for different load conditions
  • Enhanced output voltage load regulation at the end of adapter cable
  • Adapters/chargers with USB PD
  • USB PD after-market car chargers