Semi-Power and Small-Size MOSFETs

By Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 97

Semi-Power and Small-Size MOSFETs

Toshiba uses advanced technologies to achieve industry-leading low RON characteristics. Toshiba offers industry-standard 2 mm x 2 mm and 2.9 mm x 2.8 mm packages that provide the low loss and compact size required for MOSFETs in battery-powered devices such as smartphones and wearable devices.

Toshiba employs an advanced trench process, which miniaturizes its cell structure to achieve industry-leading low RON. The latest-generation trench processes Pch7 and Nch9 succeeded in reducing the on-resistance per unit area by up to 70% compared to the old-generational processes. It is effective in reducing conduction loss.

Low loss and compact semiconductor devices are essential in reducing power consumption in power supply systems and mobile applications such as rapid charging and USB PD. For instance, the SSM6K513NU is a MOSFET using Toshiba's advanced technologies, and it achieves exceptionally low on-resistance and reduced temperature-rise due to conduction losses by 27% compared to competitors in actual machine tests assuming supply current of 5 A.

  • Low on-resistance: 12 mΩ to 105 mΩ at 4.5 V
  • Wide voltage rating Lineup: VDSS = -20 V to 100 V
  • IoT devices
  • Mobile equipment