Semi-Smart Displays with Parallel Interface

By Broadcom Limited 102

Semi-Smart Displays with Parallel Interface

Broadcom offers high-quality semi-smart displays (SSD) to meet a wide range of applications and requirements. An ASIC driver incorporation into the display simplifies design effort significantly. The SSDs are LED technology-based and are extremely reliable with a long life-expectancy. They are resistant to extreme weather conditions, and to mechanical vibration and shock, making them suitable for industrial applications where maintenance resources are scarce. They are also suitable for consumer markets where the need for aesthetics and product differentiation provides a competitive edge to the customers’ end products.

  • Available in ceramic/glass package (HDSP-07xx/08xx/09xx at 5 V)
  • Fixed character pattern: numeric (0-9, ‘-‘); hexadecimal (0-9, A-F); over range (±1)
  • Parallel interface
  • Blank control for hexadecimal display
  • Industrial equipment
  • Avionics/military
  • Consumer
  • Medical equipment
  • Transportation