AFE2000 Series Active Front-End

By Delta Electronics / Industrial Automation 226

AFE2000 Series Active Front-End

Delta's AFE2000 series active front-end (AFE) replaces a traditional braking resistor by converting excess heat into reusable power that can be supplied back to the mains. It is designed for a wide range of applications and achieves outstanding energy-saving results.

An active front-end is a controllable rectifier which can provide bidirectional power exchange between AC and DC power. It can also regenerate reusable power to the mains to reduce the cost of power. The AFE uses PWM modulation to greatly reduce distinctive peaks of current and to form perfect sine wave current. The power factor is corrected up to one; the ratio between load capacity and power capacity is 1:1. In addition, the AFE eliminates high-order harmonics and provides very low harmonic current THD <5% while improving the power factor, saving the cost of additional electrical equipment for better power quality. The AFE also offers stable power quality unaffected from mains power fluctuations and can be applied to a serial connection.

  • Saves energy with AC/DC dual power flow control and corrects power-factor up to 99%
  • Replaces traditional braking resistor for cost savings, space savings, and energy savings
  • PWM control substantially reduces peak of harmonic current wave and forms perfect sine wave current
  • IEEE STD.519-1992 standard for harmonic current distortion of less than 5%
  • Constant DC bus voltage that is not influenced by mains voltage fluctuation
  • Supports multiple DC bus installation
  • Large-inertia load applications: roving machines, horizontal spiral centrifuges, and drilling machines
  • Four-quadrant load applications: cranes, cargo elevators, passenger elevators, and oil production machines
  • Quick-brake applications: machine tools, high-speed spindles, and bag-making machines
  • Long-term feedback energy applications: wind power systems and water power systems
  • DC power supply applications: logistics and storage systems, wind power systems, and LED lighting systems
  • Provides excellent power quality for the communication transmission systems of power line products
  • Overhead traveling cranes
  • Elevators