Electronic Lock with Fingerprint Identification

By Renesas Electronics America 96

Electronic Lock with Fingerprint Identification

Renesas’ RX130 MCU with integrated capacitive touch capabilities enables smaller board design and reduces cost, making it well-suited for smart lock technology, which is a rapidly growing trend in smart home appliances. Users can control smart locks by using fingerprints, near field communication (NFC), capacitive touch, or low power Bluetooth® communication. With a low-power design, Narrowband-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is also an option. For advanced systems with more sophisticated fingerprint modules, an upgrade to the RX651 is an option for the algorithm design.

This solution can support Bluetooth communication with mobile or smart home routers. Additionally, the NB-IoT modem can directly support WLAN and directly send an alarm condition to the cloud.

  • Highly integrated RX130 with built-in capacitive touch
  • Low-power design for extended battery life
  • Shock sensor monitoring to alert for potential tampering and break-ins