H6 Configurable Digital Inclinometer

By Rieker Inc. 99

H6 Configurable Digital Inclinometer

Rieker’s H6 configurable digital inclinometer provides highly accurate tilt sensing in a rugged metal IP68 rated all-weather housing. Operating temperature from -40°C to +85°C and underwater operation tested up to 30 meters makes the H6 a perfect inclinometer for most environments. The output parameters can be modified at the factory to meet specifications (i.e., range, polarity).

The Flex series development kit allows the end-user to modify the sensor as needed right from a PC, providing full flexibility for R&D and OEM production lines.

Daisy-chain cables make it possible for multiple H6 sensors to be connected in a row for monitoring along bridge spans, solar field arrays, and other applications that would benefit from multiple sensors.

Flex series development kit, daisy-chain cables, and input/output cables are sold separately.

  • Mount orientation: Horizontal or vertical
  • Measuring Range: Scalable within ±180°
  • Data logging
  • Response rate
  • Noise filtering
  • Zero offset
  • Digital RS485 output
    • Baud rate (9,600 K to 250 K)
  • Sensor address for multi-sensor daisy-chain/telemetry installation
    • Analog output
    • Current (within 0 mA to 24mA)
    • Voltage (within 0 VDC to 10 VDC)
    • Open collector switch (window, threshold)
    • Output polarity
    • Can be set on a single axis