High-Peak Current ESD Diodes for Power Line Surge

By Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 80

High-Peak Current ESD Diodes for Power Line Surge

Toshiba has developed six ESD diode "DF2SxxP2 series" models that are suitable for protecting power supply (USB/power supply connectors) lines for mobile and consumer equipment and industrial equipment.

By utilizing Toshiba's original Zener process, the DF2SxxP2 series has reduced the dynamic resistance that instantly absorbs ESDs and surges to less than one-fifth of Toshiba's conventional series. In addition, the peak pulse current has been increased by 32 times to improve the tolerance and performance.

Peak pulse current rating IPP indicates the performance of protection against lightning surges based on IEC61000-4-5. Increasing IPP improves the levels of protection against surges. These products protect the power lines of circuits by preventing ESD and noise (induced lightning) from entering the power cords and cables. They also protect and prevent malfunctions and damages caused by transient voltages at the ON/OFF operation of the power supply and equipment. In addition, they have secured a static withstand voltage of 30 kV, which is equivalent to that of conventional products, and contributes to the overall improvement of system reliability.

One of the primary applications is USB Type-C™ charging lines (VBUS = 5 V to 20 V), which are already popular and are expected to continue growth.

  • Low dynamic resistance
  • High-peak pulse current
  • Three types of power supply line voltages (5 V / 12 V / 20 V line)
  • Mobile devices
  • Home appliances, AV equipment, and VR, game machines
  • Equipment with USB terminals