High-Resolution Portable Data Logger

By Digilent, Inc. 117

High-Resolution Portable Data Logger

Digilent's OpenLogger is a high-resolution data logger designed to provide quality measurements without the limits of traditional data logging or data acquisition solutions. Engineers, scientists, and data enthusiasts can take advantage of eight analog channels, two power supplies, a function generator, eight digital I/O, and a wireless connection to deploy a data logging system compatible with a wide range of sensors.

Data can be streamed to the user interface, WaveForms Live, or logged to an SD card providing the ability to save large amounts of data and check the status of systems in real time. WaveForms Live is open-source and browser-based and can be accessed at WaveFormsLive.com.

Digilent believes that engineers should not be limited by the tools available to them, so they equipped OpenLogger with features that enable operation in a wide range of conditions. OpenLogger can be powered via a USB battery pack or barrel jack power supply, so it can be connected and powered by a computer or externally and set up for long-term testing. OpenLogger can connect to WaveForms Live over Wi-Fi or USB, which allows it to be used when electrical isolation or freedom from a wired connection is necessary.

Getting Started Guide

Hardware Reference Manual

  • Eight analog data logging channels with 16-bits @ 500 kS/s and 50 kHz bandwidth
  • One-channel function generator with 10-bit resolution and 2 MS/s
  • Two-channel power supply at ±4 V and 50 mA per channel
  • Eight digital I/O channels
  • USB or wireless connection
  • Data streamed via USB/Wi-Fi or logged to SD
  • USB or externally powered
  • Browser-based, open source WaveForms Live software

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