Low-Power SDRAMs for Mobile and Embedded Systems

By Alliance Memory, Inc. 91

Low-Power SDRAMs for Mobile and Embedded Systems

Alliance Memory's SDRAM portfolio features a wide variety of components that combine low power consumption with power-saving features to extend battery life in mobile devices.

With the Internet of Things and proliferation of mobile devices in the consumer, industrial, and medical spaces, Alliance Memory has made a commitment to solidify its offering of low-power ICs. It began with the introduction of the company's LPSDR SDRAMs, followed by its LPDDR devices, and LPDDR2 SDRAMs. Now Alliance Memory offers a complete low-power portfolio in a wide range of densities and package options to meet the high demand for these parts.

  • Power supply voltages down to 1.2 V extend battery life
  • Wide choice of densities and package options
  • Minimize power consumption at lower ambient temperatures with auto temperature- compensated self-refresh (TCSR)
  • Partial-array self-refresh (PASR) reduces power by only refreshing critical data
  • Deep power-down (DPD) mode provides an ultra-low power state when data retention isn't required
  • Smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers
  • Smart watches, fitness trackers, VR headsets, and other wearables
  • Digital still and video cameras
  • Internet of Things: consumer, industrial, and medical mobile devices
  • USB dongles
  • Fingerprint scanners and digital security cameras
  • Automotive infotainment, communications, and autonomous driving systems (ADAS)
  • Portable games