Pogo Pins

By Assmann WSW Components 87

Pogo Pins

ASSMANN WSW Components’ pogo pins consist of two precision-machined parts (plunger and barrel) and an internal spring. The machined parts are gold plated over nickel to ensure exceptional corrosion resistance, durability, and conductivity.

The spring-loaded plunger mating with a contact surface enables optimal material load. This mechanism provides low impedance and stable connections in harsh conditions where shocks and vibrations are present, e.g. automated electronic testing.

The small form-factor of the pogo pins makes them ideal for products that have space and weight constraints, e.g. ultra-thin smart phones and medical equipment.

  • Current rating: 2.0 A
  • Contact resistance: 20 mΩ max
  • Spring force: 60 g to 85 g ±20% at working length
  • Mounting type: SMT, through-hole, or double-ended
  • Mating cycles: 1,000,000
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C ~ +125°C
  • Packaging: PE bag
  • Contact material
    • Plunger: brass 20 µ” min Au over, 50 µ” min Ni over
    • Barrel: brass 3 µ” min Au over, 50 µ” min Ni over
    • Spring: stainless steel
  • Cash register systems
  • Battery/charger interfaces
  • Automatic testing equipment
  • Medical equipment