PREMIER™ PBT-225 Hydrolysis-Resistant Conductive P

By Parker Chomerics 94

PREMIER™ PBT-225 Hydrolysis-Resistant Conductive P

Parker Chomerics' PBT-225 hydrolysis-resistant conductive plastic is a high reliability, single-pellet material ideal for demanding electronics applications where hydrolysis is a concern. PBT-225 has good long-term aging performance, especially when exposed to heat and humidity in automotive applications. Parker Chomerics offers completed assemblies of custom parts based on drawings or provides raw pellets for injection molding. PBT-225 was specifically developed to provide a more reliable solution to traditional cube blend conductive resin systems and provide a more efficient alternative to metal and non-conductive plastic housings. The PBT polymer matrix is resilient to a wide range of application fluids and offers high operating temperature limits and long-term environmental stability. The cutting-edge processing of PBT-225 into a single pellet composition allows for uniform material dispersion and a tightly controlled conductive material ratio throughout complex geometries, delivering a matrix of polymer and conductive filler.

Features and Benefits  
  • Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) based polymer
  • Single-pellet composition eliminates inconsistent mix ratio and associated electrical issues
  • Good EMI shielding characteristics (up to 80 dB)
  • Embedded stainless steel fibers increase shielding
  • Enhanced mechanical strength due to glass fiber reinforcement
  • Hydrolysis resistance increases application options
  • Improved material conveyance due to optimized pellet integrity
  • Automotive electronic housings
  • Connector bodies
  • Motor housings
  • Sensor housings
  • Infotainment enclosures
  • Military handheld devices
  • Industrial metering devices
  • Faceplates
  • Base stations
  • Military housings
  • Life science enclosures
  • Telecom equipment
  • IT rack and server components
  • Heavy duty connectors
  • Renewable energy housings and connectors