RC1682-SSM Fully-Integrated LPWAN RF Module

By Radiocrafts 108

RC1682-SSM Fully-Integrated LPWAN RF Module

Radiocrafts' RC1682-SSM is an 868 MHz Sigfox module with integrated sensor interfaces. A designer can connect the sensors directly without the need for an MCU to manage the interface. A complete sensor node will contain the desired sensors, the SSM module, power, and an antenna. The RC1682-SSM is certified for RZ1 (Europe) and has a range of a few kilometers in realistic environments. Radiocrafts offers sensor boards populated with industry-standard sensors. A prototype system is built with the sensor board that is populated with an SSM module and will connect to a Sigfox network.

  • Supports industry-standard sensors
  • Configurable sensor interface for alarms, triggers, and signal processing
  • Sigfox RZ1 (Europe)
  • Fully-integrated RF circuitry, add 50 Ω antenna
  • Low power
  • Compact size: 12.7 mm x 25.4 mm x 3.3 mm
  • Easy-to-use design tools for designing and prototyping
  • Sigfox sensor networks
  • Agricultural sensors
  • Asset tracking
  • Conditioning monitoring of structures such as bridges and roads
  • Many more

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