RC1701HP-MSM Fully Integrated LPWAN RF Module

By Radiocrafts 98

RC1701HP-MSM Fully Integrated LPWAN RF Module

The sensor interfacing RF modules from Radiocrafts supports a complete LPWAN RF network with integrated sensor interfaces. The MSM modules are Wireless M-Bus based and will form a complete LPWAN network when combined with a standard Wireless M-Bus module. The RC1701HP-MSM is 169 MHz based and has a practical range over 1 km.

The RC1701HP-MSM is a 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus module with integrated sensor interfaces. Designers can connect the sensors directly without the need for a MCU to manage the interface. A complete sensor node contains the desired sensors, the MSM module, power, and an antenna. Several MSM modules connect to a standard M-Bus module from Radiocrafts that acts as the concentrator/gateway in the system, creating a complete LPWAN network with a minimum of investment using Wireless M-Bus, a reliable proven RF standard. The RC1701HP-MSM uses 169 MHz and has a range of over 1 km in realistic industrial environments. Radiocrafts also offers sensor boards populated with industry-standard sensors. A prototype system is built with the sensor board, populated with an MSM module and a development kit board populated with a standard M-Bus module. The development board connects directly to a PC to complete the network.

  • Support industry-standard sensors
  • Configurable sensor interface for alarm, triggers, and signal processing
  • N-mode wireless M-Bus @ 169 MHz
  • Fully integrated RF circuitry, add 50 ohm antenna
  • Low power
  • Compact size of 12.7 mm x 25.4 mm x 3.3 mm
  • Easy to use design tools for design and prototyping
  • LPWAN sensor networks
  • Building energy management systems (BEMS)
  • Building environment sensors
  • Factory environment sensors
  • Conditioning monitoring of structures, such as bridges and roads
  • Tracking of assets in warehouses and factories