RIIM™ IP Mesh Network

By Radiocrafts 94

RIIM™ IP Mesh Network

Radiocrafts' RIIM (Radiocrafts industrial IP mesh) is an embedded RF system designed to be an all-inclusive, 100% automatic, easy-to-use mesh with direct IP addressing. The RF protocol is the IEEE802.15.4 g/e standard. RIIM includes an intelligent C-programmable I/O (ICI), which makes it possible to directly interface to any sensor or actuator, and it supports mist computing. RIIM does not require any license or subscription fee.

The IPM module is the core of the network and supports the complete RIIM network. The module can be configured as a border router, mesh router, or leaf node depending on the customers’ requirements in the mesh. Each node has a CoAP client/server to provide IP level access and a complete border router boxed product with Ethernet interface is available from Radiocrafts.

RIIM targets networks where fast time-to-market and low engineering effort is desired.

  • Short development time
  • IP to the sensors/controllers from the cloud
  • Self-forming, self-healing mesh network, no setup at installation
  • 10 km x 10 km urban coverage, sufficient for industrial requirements
  • Global support software configurable 915 MHz or 868 MHz frequencies
  • Connects to any sensor chip/controller via Radiocrafts’ ICI framework
  • Future proof by over-the-air (OTA) updates 
  • Tailor made solutions available through Radiocrafts design services
  • Designed to meet tough industrial requirements
  • All modules are fully tested prior to shipment
  • No license or subscription costs
  • Simple and quick network setup
  • Adaptation to customer needs (network performance, types of sensors, etc)
  • High node count
  • Light control
  • Climate control
  • Access control and security
  • Agriculture
  • Smart city
  • Smart building
  • Energy management systems