RX65N Cloud Connectivity Kit

By Renesas Electronics America 176

RX65N Cloud Connectivity Kit

Renesas’ RX65N cloud kit provides a solution that software engineers can use for prototyping and evaluation of IoT equipment. The kit lowers the barriers of development and helps drive the sales and expansion of RX devices. Several types of products are rapidly becoming IoT Edge devices with endpoint intelligence, and many manufacturers are developing IoT equipment with this in mind. The IoT is not only for SMEs, but also for major companies. There are many cases where technologies are introduced and development barriers are considered high. Therefore, even customers who do not have the experience of developing IoT equipment can quickly start development using a solution like the RX65N cloud kit that allows them to construct a cloud connection environment.

This kit has several sensors, user interfaces, and communication functions, and it can be applied to the development and evaluation of various IoT equipment. It provides the optimal evaluation environment for IoT equipment developers and supports fast-start development of IoT equipment. In addition, the RX65N cloud kit provides the optimal environment for application development using the available sample programs. The two sample programs can be edited/debugged and come supplied with application notes that help engineers understand the operation of the application. The kit has already acquired the AWS qualification so it can communicate with AWS safely and securely. The sample programs are ported based on Amazon FreeRTOS and can be freely expanded, changed, and deleted using the various source code libraries.

Included in the kit

  • Cloud option board that includes three sensors (temperature/humidity sensor, light sensor, and 3-axis accelerometer), as well as a USB port for serial communication and another USB port for debugging
  • Pmod module, which has a mounted Wi-Fi communication module using the Silex SX-ULPGN Pmod module
  • RX65N target board that includes the R5F565NEDDFP MCU
  • Industrial automation and building automation
  • Home appliances: system control and mechanical control
  • Smart meters: network control
  • Office automation: system control
  • General purpose

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