SCTL55 Smart Configurator

By Carlo Gavazzi 112

SCTL55 Smart Configurator

Carlo Gavazzi's SCTL55 is the Industry 4.0 portable, self-powered, and user-friendly smart configurator for IO-Link sensors which accesses the sensor data and manages its parameters. The SCTL55 smart configurator can modify and optimize sensors very quickly and use available data to improve processes and predictive maintenance. Through a 5.5” HD touchscreen display and dedicated apps users can access advanced diagnostics, to show operating hours, number of detections, operating cycles, and alarms. There is no need for a PC and dedicated software.

  • M12 and M8 connectors
  • 3-wire, 4-wire, and 5-wire sensor compatible
  • 5.5” HD touchscreen display
  • 16 GB internal memory w/MicroSD expandability
  • Fully mobile with battery power
  • Wi-Fi enabled

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