Transient Voltage Suppressors for Mobile Applicati

By Nexperia 189

Transient Voltage Suppressors for Mobile Applicati

Nexperia's PTVS transient voltage suppressor portfolio consists of more than 20 types, addressing single-line protection needs from 5 V to 26 V reverse working voltage. All PTVS solutions effectively protect single-line interfaces against 30 kV electrostatic discharge (IEC61000-4-2 standard).

Nexperia offers mobile TVS solutions in ultra-flat DSN1608-2, compact DFN2020-3, and ultra-compact DFN1006-2 leadless packages, catering to diverse design needs while offering high surge robustness.

As the market leader in protection, Nexperia keeps innovating and continuously adds more types that match the portable segment demand for high-robustness devices in small packages.

  • High surge robustness: 32 A up to 178 A at 8/20 µs pulse
  • Small packages: DSN1608-2, DFN2020-3, and DFN1006-2-2
  • Wide portfolio with over 20 different types available
  • USB-PD: up to 20 V
  • Battery lines/charger ports
  • Supply lines
  • Hard-disks and SSD
  • Audio interface


  • TVS for Mobile Applications